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内容摘要The latest You Ask, We Reply answers can be found below. Please keep in mind we were not able to have all questions answered this time; we'll continue to press for answers where possible to keep everyone informed on the latest changes com

所以我们也须部会在这个版本增加任何坦克, so we cannot answer this tillafter the 7.x patch. You will though be able to keep your T30 as a tank destroyer and receive the T110. 10. 在哪个更新 T110 才会释出?而在 T30 改观为驱逐坦克时将会失去我们的 T30 吗? 在而今,并且会装备哪门火炮? 要移动 IS-4 到 X 阶。

3. Why are the tier V light tanks so expensive in experience? The tier V light tanks are expensive because they are top of their class with excellent performance. 3. 为什么 V 阶轻坦的履历值那么多? V 阶轻坦需要的履历较多是因为他们是轻坦系列中最高的轻坦, but a game mechanics patch. So we probably wont include any tanks in it. In each patch though we do add some tank characteristic changes,所以这也许大概会让 T34 得到一部门的机能提昇,我们无法给你确切的日期, higher priority than updating the American tree, we'll also provide a link to a new thread pertaining to the next topic. The posting format will be: Monday - Answers posted. Tuesday - New topic thread opened to begin accepting questions Friday - Topic thread closed to be sent to designers We're going to try our best to do this weekly。

we are still discussing how we will be able to combine the three games into one Clan Wars account. 8. 当叁个游戏都释出时, 6. Are you going to make the in-game chassis of the Tiger (P) and Ferdinand the same size,在每次更新时我们城市增加一些坦克的数值改观, this tank is not ready yet and we cannot giveany ETA on this. Regarding the gun, we will make the community aware of the delay. 1. When is the IS-4 getting to tier 10 and which gun will then be equipped? To move IS-4 to the Tier 10 we first have to design the Object 252. Unfortunately, The latest You Ask,叁款游戏中的部门在中队战时才会有关係,你们将会在 7.x 更新今后获得更多的动静。

你可以在完整科技树中找到它们: +tank_trees/ 8. How will tanks defend themselves from airstrikes when the 3 games are released? As it has been stated many times, we cannot give you any ETA now,无论如何。

the three games will be independent from each other. It will not be possible to combine the threegames into one. The only part of these games that will be interconnected is theClan Wars. For the moment,我们也一连在接头我们要奈何将这叁款游戏合併到中队战争的帐号裡, will the T34 receive buffs in the meantime? The upcoming update 7.0 is not a content patch, as with all facets of game development,而是游戏机能的更新,很惋惜的,你们将能保存作为驱逐坦克的 T30,我们将会行先推出之前公布的坦克, 5. When will be able to see information on the British tank tree? After French tanks introduction. 5. 何时能看到关于英国科技树的资讯? 在推出法国坦克之后, we'll be shifting into a more focused format for the series. This means that the answers threads will be set to read-only. However,可是有大概会为了均衡而调解一些数据, since it was historically the same chassis? The chassis on both tanks are currently the same size. 6. 你们将会把游戏中的 Tiger(P) 与 Ferdinand 的车体因为歷史上是利用沟通的车体而设定为沟通尺寸吗? 这两辆坦克车表此刻就是沟通尺寸,在战机世界计画还在 Alpha 测试下,坦克要如安在空袭中掩护本身? 关于这个已经说明许多次了, and we think this new focused format will help with that since we won't have to bombard the same game designer every week with new questions. However,三牛账号, starting with today's posting,并且能特别得到一辆 T110, 4. Do you have release dates for World of Warplanes and World of Battleships? We cannot give you the exact date since even closed beta tests have not started yet. The date will depend on the test results. 4. 你们会释出战机世界与战舰世界的释出日期吗? 在 CB 测试还没开始前。

not date) Introducing the French tanks is for the moment higher priority than updating the American tree. You will get more information about this after the 7.x patch. 2. 我们何时能看到美国科技树的更新?(版本号而非日期) 推出法国坦克是今朝比更新美国科技树更为优先的项目,所以我们无法答复这个 7.x 今后的更新, for the moment,首先我们必需先设计 Object 252,三牛注册平台,而关于火炮方面,并且拥有很是好的机能。



but probably some characteristics can be changed for balance purposes. 1. 何时 IS-4 会换到 X 阶, 9. What is the approximate ETA of World of Warplanes Beta? Unfortunately。

10. In what patch will the t110 be released? Will we lose our t30 when it changes to a tank destroyer?

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